Cotswold Olimpicks


Website, Social marketing, Branding/Identity, PR for The Cotswold Olimpicks

About the Client: 

The Cotswold Olimpicks is one of the forerunners to the modern Olympic Games (as acknowledged by the BOA in their bid for the 2012 London Olympics), having been founded in 1612, taking place on the same venue near Chipping Campden ever since.

The Brief:

As an ongoing project to develop the Cotswold Olimpicks as a popular attraction, and to spread knowledge of it further than the existing small catchment area, we took on responsibility not only for all branding, but also for the creation of an 'event portal', via a responsive website, a full social media presence, plus media promotion and PR for the event. Since we took this over, the event has been featured on the BBC (QI, Top Gear), ITV (Ade in Britain), Channel 4 (Rory and Paddy), CNN (at one point a video of the Cotswold Olimpicks was the 4th most watched video on CNN!), NBC (Today), NHK, Nippon TV, Televisa, ZDF, Fox News and MTV, and has been written about in over 50 periodicals, including The Telegraph, Mail, Guardian, Huffington Post, Independent, Time Out and Spectator. The event subsequently won a Tourism 'Gold' award and an Oldie Magazine Travel Award. Commercial relationships were also established with Weird Fish, Yeo Dairies, NFU and other companies.


We are working with the client on improving and building on the site's reach, and generating even greater media exposure.