All dressed up, and nowhere to go?

Having a great website, lovely products, and lots of contacts is all very well, but how do you drive people to your site?

Imagine opening a shiny, brand new shop in an enormous industrial estate, in a backwater of a huge city. Sure, your products are great, and the shop looks amazing, but unless your customers know where you are, and what you're up to, you might as well close down! The internet is a bit like this but times a million!

Many people (erroneously) believe that once their new website goes live, all they have to do is sit back and wait for the visitors. If only it were so easy!

Using SEO* (Search Engine Optimisation) techniques, we help search engines to find you, and to tailor your site to what visitors are searching for.

'The Circle of Digital Marketing'

We use this term to describe how social media can be an effective tool for your business, in conjunction with email mailshots, targetted advertising, and website links.

Example: You create an email mailshot, which drives people to your website, and encourages them to follow you on Twitter & Facebook (or Google+, Pinterest, etc). Once they follow you, you can create Facebook and Twitter posts, which encourage people to sign up for your mailshot, which directs people to the website.....and so on!

We have the expertise, and ability to create this social media/website connection, which, in conjunction with good analytics information and SEO, is proven to drive visitor numbers.

*How do SEO and Analytics work?

In a (very small!) nutshell, the first step we take once we've created a website for you (or if you want us to handle your SEO on an existing site), is to make sure the site is properly registering with Google and other search engines.

Then, we install Analytics software on the site, which gives you a massive amount of information on site visitors - Including how customers arrived at the site, what they searched for to get to you, and what they looked at when they arrived!

We then feed this back into the SEO terms, articles and tags we embed in your site, BUT we do this in a very targeted way.

Targeted SEO

Targeted SEO means optimising the content and search tags on your site, to give you the best chance of a high page placement on Google and other search engines. As an example, trying to get a 'top 3 position, first page' listing on a search result for 'cars' is well-nigh impossible (unless you're extremely patient and have bottomless pockets). However, you may well be able to get a good search rank for 'car dealer Warwickshire'. We help to tweak your site to give you that result.


Sometimes words are the only way to convey what your brand is about (much as we love images!). When you need to tailor your prose into a punchy, appropriate verbal approach, we can help! with over 20 years' experience of writing and copywriting for dozens of different markets and clients, we can convey your message in a way that perfectly encapsulates your brand, yet is also perfectly tailored to your target audience.