With over 20 years' experience of designing for the internet, we can truly claim, without hyperbole, that we 'understand the web'! We channel this knowledge into helping you make the best decision for your web venture, without pre-conceived ideas, and with a 'no-bull' approach to setting out that proposal.

Whether you're a blue-chip large organisation, a small business or even a new start-up, you'll find us rational, brimming with design flair, and offering a very 'transparent' great-value solution!

What do we Offer?

We offer you a 'clean sheet' approach to your web needs, selecting the best solution from our 'toolkit' of platforms and CMS (Content Management Solutions) options.

This means...

  • Unlike many web agencies, we won't try to tie you in to a proprietary web solution, which can only be updated at huge cost.
  • Unlike many so-called 'web designers', we won't simply fob you off with an 'off the shelf' template with your logo slapped on!
  • Unlike many 'web designers' we understand the way the web works from the ground up. Therefore your site will be optimised from the word go, constructed to 'best standards' easy to update, and fully responsive*



'Responsive' Web Sites?

A responsive website, is a website that adapts its layout 'on the fly', taking into account the browser size and platform of the user's device. From an Apple Mac with a huge, retina display, to a person viewing your site on their mobile phone, while sitting on the train(!), a responsive website will reflow elegantly.

In the old days, catering for the differing needs of mobile and desktop browsers meant creating two completely separate websites, or in the case of some sites, creating your desktop content at a very narrow width. With responsive design we avoid this, catering elegantly for the 30% (and growing!) percentage of web users viewing on mobile devices and tablets.

An example? Reduce the width of this window in your web browser, and watch the images and text adapt to the changing width!


What will it cost?

Despite the fact that this is usually the first question people ask(!), we not-so-subtly direct you to contact us first for a FREE quote.


It's because we treat each project, no matter how small, as a 'bespoke' job, tailored and crafted exactly to your needs. This means we like to understand exactly what you need rather than quoting for a 'one-size-fits all' spec. We'll pick the most suitable platform, CMS and technologies for your individual needs, and present you with a structured, achievable, and clear proposal, based on our extensive experience. We offer full technical support, one-to-one training, plus a 'customer is always right' approach to fixing any issues. We offer telephone and email support, plus a full hosting package, from domain registration, to hosting on our secure servers.

If you need guidance on a 'starting spec', below are some typical web design jobs. If there's one which is close to your needs, we will happily give you a rough quote you by return email or phone call. However, we really do mean it when we say that each website is 'bespoke'. We'll fit the site spec, design, platform and hosting to suit YOUR needs!


The Portal/Business Site

A complete, turn-key website of 10-20 pages, hosted on a robust CMS platform, fully updateable by the user, and with basic SEO and Google Analytics built in. Photos and content supplied by the client, with site graphics to be created by Wiseman. 

Perfect for: B&Bs, Hotels, Professional Services, Events, Organisations

The 'Simple Site'

A basic, no-nonsense website of up to 5 pages, with basic company information, a 'latest news' page, integration with Social Networks (Twitter, Facebook etc), a contact form, plus full SEO and Google Analytics.

Perfect For: Basic business needs, or when you need some sort of basic 'web presence'

The basic eCommerce Site

As the Portal/Info Site, but with full eCommerce capability, content of up to 1000 products in 20 categories. Full site Promotion, plus front page 'banners' for featured products and promotions. Repsonsive site, with (optional) mobile friendly app.

Perfect for: Fledgling retailers